Firestone Idle RPG Will Introduce a New Hero and More Content, All Coming Sooner Than Expected

Firestone Idle RPG has seen many positive reviews ever since it was first released on Steam. Now, two months after it got launched on the R2Games platform, the idler game is even more popular.

R2Games is a global publisher that has a large portfolio of free to play browser and mobile games, with popular titles like Wartune, League of Angels, and Dragon Pals. Now with Firestone Idle RPG added to their list of games, the publisher has made a new announcement.

Firestone Idle RPG will soon get a new patch that brings a new Hero to the roster. There will also be new ranks and new guardians, as well as a world boss and plenty of other exciting features. Developer Holyday Studios has talked about their plans for the future, so let’s check out all the new content that will soon come to Firestone Idle RPG.

Before we jump to the new patch details, if you want to start playing Firestone before the update, follow this link:

Firestone Idle RPG – New Patch Soon to Come

In a recent press release from R2Games, we learn that the new patch will soon be added. The devs have teased some of the new content.

Iseris, the Warlock

The new hero coming to Firestone Idle RPG is a Warlock named Iseris. This means a new class will soon be available since there are no warlocks in Firestone yet! What are her abilities? It’s a mystery that Firestone players will have to solve on their own.

New Ranks to Be Added

So far, there are only 9 ranks and long-time players have gathered a lot of Honor and reached the last rank. This is why the new patch will introduce 18 more ranks.

New Content Coming Soon

Other new features will soon follow. It is not clear if they will be added with this patch or later, but here’s what Holyday Studios have been working on.

Fellowships, Guardians and a New World Boss

Players will be able to join a fellowship, which is a party of up to 5 players. The devs say this each player will have an essential role in the party and affect the outcome of the fights. Is this feature connected to the World Boss? We’ll have to wait and see for ourselves.

There will also be two Guardians, one that looks like a Pegasus and one that is a flying robot.

As for the World Boss, long-time players may recall this feature was nearly added in the past but postponed due to some reward system issues. Now everything has been fixed and the World Boss will soon show up in Alandria.

Firestone Idle RPG

If you haven’t yet started playing Firestone Idle RPG but want to read a short preview, then here’s what you should know about the game. In terms of gameplay, you will lead a party of up to five heroes and fight enemies for loot and new gear. Your goal is to get as powerful as possible to reclaim the Firestones and save your world. There’s a lot of progress and fighting, as well as different missions and upgrades for your own town. We won’t get into details so that we won’t spoil the game for you.

Check out the game on and follow the official Facebook page at to stay up to date with news, events, bugfixes and more.

R2Games has plenty of other popular free-to-play browser and mobile games on their website, which you can check at

New Server Event

Firestone Idle RPG has just opened a new server! Get a head start and rush to the top of the brand new rankings! (To switch to the new server, enter Setting in the top right corner in game and select “Switch server”.)
Don’t miss the new sever event!

Rules: During the event time, do your best to rush to the top of the rankings. When event ends, players of specific ranking will get extra rewards.
Event time: 7/31-8/4 UTC+0
Category: Personal – Max Stage

Rank 1: 5000 Gems & 15 Rare Chest
Rank 2-10: 3000 Gems & 10 Rare Chest
Rank 11-50: 2000 Gems & 5 Rare Chest

R2Games Rank
Rank 1-3: 4000 Gems
Rank 4-10: 2000 Gems

Version 4.1.0

What’s New:

* New server: Due to the spectacular growth of the game and its user base we reworked our server technology. The game is already almost 1.5 year old and new players are having a hard time catching up to the older players. So with the new architecture, we can now support multiple servers and create equal opportunities for newer players. The server that you were all playing until now has been named “Moonglen” while the new server has been named “Riverlands”. By default, all new players will be logged into server “Riverlands”. You can switch the server you are playing whenever you want by going to the settings menu and clicking the “switch server” button which will open a popup where you will be able to switch servers. Once you switch server you will have to restart the game in order to play again. Each server has different progress, chats, guilds, leaderboards. This way players who feel like starting fresh they can do that in order to play on both servers. Every time you open the game you will be automatically logged-into the last server you were playing.

* New Mechanism: Fellowships mechanism has been added in the game. Now you can team up with up to 4 other players and access the powerful fellowship auras!

* Chat: Fellowships got their own chat channel.

* Tree of life: The Tree of Life has been expanded with more levels.

* Battle Cry: The “Battle Cry” attribute has been added to the game. You can access it at the Personal Tree of Life.

* UI: The disconnected from cloud icon has been moved next to the wave progress bar so we could fit the new fellowship mechanism icon to the right of the screen.

* UX: Added notification on the Supplies submenu of the guild shop for the free pickaxes.

* Renaming: The guild perk “Fellowship” has been renamed to “Recruits” to prevent the confusion with the new fellowship mechanism.

* Technical: Optimized the game in order to require less memory and slightly less CPU usage.

* QoL: Removed the bright flash VFX during Awakening so you can keep chatting with your friends without it disctracting you.

* Social: Seeing who is online or not now properly works for all the Friend lists, Private messages and while inspecting another guild.

* Technical: You can now see your “Holyday User ID” on the settings menu. Including this to your emails makes it easier to resolve any issues that you might encounter.

We want to thank everyone for reporting issues you encounter!




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