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Fix Ghost Touch Issue on Android Devices With These Quick Tips

Probably one of the most annoying things is the touchscreen issue. Such a problem could make users’ experience harder and sometimes unbearable. There are, however, some options to solve the so-called “ghost touch” issue within a few steps.

To understand better, the ghost touch, also known as touch glitched, occurs when the screen time to respond is too long or unresponsive at all. Moto G4 Plus received many reports of such an issue in the last months, alongside older variants of OnePlus smartphones, Windows devices, and iPhones, as well.

The ghost touch is not a software issue, though, but in some cases, it could be. In more advanced cases, for example, the display and the way its put inside the chassis of the device might result in some hardware issues.

How to Fix Ghost Touch Issue on Android Devices

The first case implies a problem with the screen projector. Your device could collect too much dust causing you to run slower than expect it. So, you can try removing the screen, clean it, and then replace the screen projector.

Also, you can always return the device if it’s still under an available warranty. Some manufacturers opt for providing their clients with a new device instead of fixing the display issue.

However, if you consider yourself good at engineering or know enough to recognize most of the device’s parts, you can try the following thing as well. So, preparing yourself with the right tools to disassemble your smartphone, or to crack open without causing any damage, could make your device working again.

Many tried taking the smartphone apart, detaching the display from the data connectors, and restore everything. The procedure worked pretty well, fixing the issue. But, if you’re not sure about such a method, you can always go to third-party repair service.



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