Fix Google Chrome Error 403 With These Simple Methods

Google Chrome remains the most popular internet browser in the world, with millions of active users each day. However, many have encountered the dreaded Error 403 message at least once, as they were unable to access some web pages.

There are two main causes that could lead to this issue. It may be caused by the decision of the server owner to limit access to the website to users who gain permission. On the other hand, it may also be possible that the permission settings are faulty, and there is no way to solve the problem.

Several error messages can surface when you try to access the page, but all of them are linked by the presence of the number 403. Here are a few example: HTTP 403, Error 403, 403 forbidden. Below you can find a few tips that could help you to access the desired webpages.

How to Fix Google Chrome Error 403

Refresh the page

In some cases, the errors are caused by a temporary problem, and it will pass at some point. Click on the refresh button, which is located next to the address bar and wait for the page to be refreshed.

Verify the address

In many cases, the Google Chrome error 403 will surface when a wrong address was entered in the address bar. Check to see if the address is correct and if there are no additional letters, numbers, or other typos that could lead to the problem.

Clear browser cookies

This method can also improve the overall performance of your browser as some older cookies can become corrupted and slow the loading process when specific websites are accessed.

Launch the Google Chrome browser and look for the three-dots menu, which is located in the upper right corner. Click on it and go to the Settings option. Look for the Privacy and Security option and click on it. Confirm that you wish to delete data, or uncheck what you wish to keep and confirm.

Hopefully, these methods helped you address the Google Chrome error 403.

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