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Fix: Google Earth Pro Won’t Open

Google Earth is one of the most stunning apps offered by the tech giant from Mountain View, and it has made our lives a lot easier. As its name itself suggests, Google Earth offers you a virtual tour to pretty much every square meter on the planet. Thus, we can use the app to explore countries, cities, buildings, streets, mountains, seas, and so on.

Unfortunately, some people can’t get the Google Earth Pro to open, even though the app is fully compatible with their PC’s configuration. They had been trying to fix it with the Repair Tool, turn on Safe Mode, Turn off the atmosphere, Clear disk cache, switch between OpenGL and DirectX, Restore default settings and Delete My Places. After ultimately restarting the PC, the outcome was far from being the desired one.

The solution

Those having problems starting Google Earth Pro will have to go for version 7.1.8 from this link:

But also, some previous simple steps are required. If the user sees unwanted messages than it could be the fault of a graphics card or driver that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. Therefore, the first necessary step is to update the graphics driver or DirectX version.

Therefore, the user should run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to find the version he has and to check the 3D performance. Last but not least, checking with the computer manufacturer for the correct driver is also an important step.

This should do the trick for those people facing the nasty experience of not getting their Google Earth Pro started. And generally speaking, you should bear in mind that the online environment is always thriving with people that can and are willing to help you when you are facing any technical problem that seems unfixable. Seek, and you shall find!



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