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Fix ‘Mobile Network Not Available’ Error On Android Devices

An Android error troubled users’ experience recently. To be more precise, most Samsung Galaxy devices encountered a “Mobile Network Not Available” error, but the issue is not limited to Galaxy smartphones.

The error most probably is a lack of reception within a user’s area. Note that a mobile network not available on Android devices could also be triggered by SIM exhaustion, your GSM coverage, or a lousy reception/signal.

The issue, however, seemed to be more prone among Verizon and T-mobile wireless devices. The following tips and methods might help you fix the problem. First, check if your device is roaming and if the Airplane mode is disabled. If not, try one of the solutions presented below.

How to Fix “Mobile Network Not Available” on Android Devices

Try a Different Battery

If trying a different battery helps you get rid of the error, then your damaged battery was the one to blame. It could have been overheated due to excessive heat your device generated.

Remove the SIM Card and then Remount it

The second most rational move is to unmount the SIM card, wait for a few seconds, and then mount it back in its tray. You can then restart your Android device.

Network Settings

Sometimes, to fix “Mobile Network Not Available” on Android devices, you must tweak the Network Settings. Go to Settings – Wireless – Networks and then tap on Mobile Networks. On the Network Operators section, tap on Select Automatically.

Radio Signal Settings

An issue with the radio signal, wrong broadcast, might solve the network error, as well. Dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer and a tasting menu will pop up. Pick phone/device info and run the ping test. Choose GSM Auto (PRL) from the bottom list and Turn off the radio. Then, restart.

Factory Reset

Access Settings – Backup – Reset. Finally, tap on Factory Data Reset. You’ll notice that your smartphone restarts. Wait for the process to finish. Your device will be restarted with the factory settings available. Note that all your data and personal files will be deleted during a Factory Reset. Accordingly, back up before proceeding.

If the “Mobile Network Not Available” error is due to a software glitch or a faulty third-party app, then this method will work. However, if the issue persists, then you might deal with a hardware problem. In that case, contact your operator or Samsung for further assistance.



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