FMWhatsApp Best Features: What Should You Try

Messaging is a significant part of our lifestyle. One of the most praised apps on the mobile platform is WhatsApp, which is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. 

Even if it’s a great app, some people are not pleased with the privacy features or the look of the app. This is why FMWhatsApp is one of the best alternatives for those who need an app that provides them extra privacy options and some sleek features. If you want to give FMWhatsApp a try, here are some of the best features. 


WhatsApp doesn’t offer themes. Such a thing is a bit annoying because customizing an app is one of the best experiences ever. 

Luckily, FMWhatsApp provides a complete store where you can choose themes for your app. The YoThemes store is fantastic and has dozens of themes! 

Call Filter

Unwanted or irrelevant calls are very disturbing. Many social media apps don’t come with a filter feature, and the users have to block people from their friend list, as a final solution. 

FMWhatsApp comes with the Call Filter feature, and you can get a call filter set on the number from whom you don’t want to call you. So easy! 

High-quality Photo Sharing

If you’re a pro when it comes to photography, you know that quality matters and FMWhatsApp is a perfect solution. 

On FMWhatsApp, you can share high-quality photos without any loss in the quality of the image. Such a feature is said to be the most liked feature of the app. There are also some sleek options where you can set the quality in terms of percentage and save the data. 

Fonts and Icons

Fonts and Icons are the best part of FMWhatsApp. If you like to use custom fonts or icons, you can choose some fantastic options from the theme store. FMWhatsApp allows you to be very creative!

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