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FMWhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Improve Your Messaging Experience

FMWhatsApp is the best-modified variant of the original WhatsApp. It has many features and offers a great messaging experience.

The app allows you to hide your online status, your last seen, and other interface icons. But that’s not all. If you want to give FMWhatsApp a try, here is what you should know. 

1. Lock Your Conversations

FMWhatsApp allows you to lock any conversations you want. If someone tries to open the chat, they’ll need to enter the correct password or draw a pattern. 

Select any chat you want by holding it. Wait until the three dots menu pops up. Next, you have to choose a password or a pattern. The chat will be locked from now on so that you don’t have to worry that someone might read something. 

2. The Anti-delete Option 

The anti-delete option is one of the best features that FMWhatsApp has. Go to Settings, then Privacy, and enable the Anti-Delete Message. Whenever a user sends the message and delete it, the recipient won’t be able to view the deleted message, but you will be able to view it using the anti-delete feature. 

3. Change the Color

If you want to change the color of the chat, you can do it anytime you want easily. Go to Settings, tap on Universal, and choose Colors (tap on the three-dot menu). 

4. Change the Theme

Changing the theme is also possible on FMWhatsApp. A lot of options available are available so that you won’t get bored. Access the Settings and look after the YoThemes. 

5. View a Status Without Letting Your Contacts Know

If you want to view someone’s status, without them knowing, you can do it now with FMWhatsApp. Go to Settings, then hit the Privacy button. Enjoy one of the best features!

6. Share More Pictures

FMWhatsApp allows you to share more than 10 pictures so that you don’t have to think of any limits anymore. How convenient!



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