Foldable iPhone 12 Flip Concept Looks Stunning

The foldable smartphone models for this year don’t look very durable, and their prices rise exceeding $2,000. But what we tell you there is one foldable phone that won’t disappoint? A tech-designer has shared a video on social media about a foldable iPhone, dubbed as iPhone 12 Flip in the concept, that may or may not be produced at some point.

In the video, the phone looks very promising, so let’s discuss all the details. You can find the video on Ben Geskin’s Twitter page, who is a very reliable leaker, or below:

The video shows an Apple foldable iPhone smartphone that can open automatically by a simple swipe up. The process looks very cool, to be honest. From a simple, small square, the phone does exquisitely double its size.

The display of the possible foldable iPhone has a high-resolution and presents itself with the classic iPhone lock screen. The phone unlocks by swiping up on the left edge, where there is a vertically swipe button.

More details on the foldable iPhone 12 Flip concept

The really fantastic thing about this device is the incredible way it unlocks. Like just wow… After swiping the vertically swipe button, the smartphone unfolds itself, alone, without any help or support. You simply swipe the button and wait for it to unfold independently.

The foldable iPhone looks very thin and not heavy at all. It also doesn’t have a bezel or a notch. The front of the phone features a horizontally arranged triple camera. However, how is this phone going to be realized, we don’t know.

How can a foldable iPhone 12 Flip not have a crease? How can it unfold itself alone? The whole concept sounds a bit unrealistic, but it is definitely refreshing. It will be a huge surprise actually to have such a device on the market. All the thanks to the designer Bat.not.bad, for creating the video.

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