Fortnite 11.36 Comes With A New Feature That Allow Players To Create Their Battle Royale Modes

Fans and players, Fortnite is improving with each step, and now it will receive an update that brings a feature that allows players to create their own Battle Royale modes. If you wish during all this time for something else in the game, or do you think that you can create a better and new mode, then now you have the chance.

Gather 15 friends and create your private Battle Royale Island, by your imaginations and rules. With the Fortnite update, the Battle Lab is available for creation.

Now it’s the perfect time to start creating your island and mode. Enter the Battle Lab and build your island with a different style and options. If you play in the default settings, you will have the Matchmaking available. You can choose from various LTM loot pools, you can change the gravity, and whatever can cross your mind. Moreover, you can think of the Battle Lab as the Playground mode, but there is a difference. In the Battle Lab, you have to be creative and customize everything you can for the Battle Royale mode.

Fortnite 11.36 Is Coming with Bug Fixes and the Battle Lab

Besides the marvelous Battle Lab, let’s see what bug fixes are coming in the new update. Players can be happy now because the issue with the exit from the HUD Layout Tool for the mobile is gone now. If you had problems with the Fire/Build button, which was unavailable, it’s coming with a fix in the new update.

The FPS drops and hitching for the phones are going through improvements. You can now see the Edit option from the enemy walls, and the Item Shop countdown is on sync for all the players. If you had problems with the Elimination without aiming down sights,” Dive!, you will be happy to know that the progress is working.

Finally, the Join Party option from the Joinable Parties is now working on the controller. Also, any instability is gone now in Fortnite 11.36.

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