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Fortnite 12.10 Update Launched With New Features And Bug Fixes

Epic Games has been hard at work in recent times, with the latest update for Fortnite, Fortnite 12.10, being released recently for all compatible platforms. An announcement related to the downtime that is required for the implementation of the update was shared on a popular social media platform.

Novelties in the Latest Fortnite Update

There are no patches for the Battle Royale game mode, which is quite impressive. However, patch notes for the Save the World and Creative Modes have been shared and can be accessed quite easily. Eagle-eyed players have observed a series of changes that are present in the Battle Royale Mode.

The Loot Llama is once again available in all Battle Royale modes. It is well-known that the popular supply item will offer access to a rich selection of items, including Shield Potions, ammo, Traps, and Crafting materials. It has 250 health and can be popped with five pickaxe strikes.

A new weapon is available in the form of the Proximity Mine, which can be placed in critical areas. When a rival player comes too close, the mine will explode and deal significant damage. The latest patch has fixed several bugs and issues. Below there is a list of relevant highlights.

Fixes in Fortnite 12.10 Update

  • In some cases, XP gained from XP coins wasn’t displayed on the Season XP bar, even if they were collected.
  • Some players could not place a trap if the loading process wasn’t completed.
  • Those who play with a controller could not close the map with if the command was bound to D-Pad Up.
  • Some of the Weak Point hits weren’t appropriately registered during the harvesting process.
  • During Splitscreen, if Player One opened its inventory or menu, Player Two could no longer perform an action with the trigger button.

The size of the new Fortnite 12.10 update is quite small, taking 1.75GB of storage space on PC and 2.39 on the Xbox One.



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