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Fortnite and the Aquaman Challenge: How to Get the Trident and Other Rewards

Epic Games has launched the fifth and last core Aquaman challenge in Fortnite, and it can get you a fantastic item.

The challenge involves a Trident that you have to earn at Coral Cove, but also to unlock a sleek Aquaman skin. If you’re a huge Aquaman fan, you must accept the challenge and grab those cool new items! Here’s a useful guide on where Coral Cove is situated and how to find the Trident. 

Where You Can Find the Coral Cove

Coral Cove is situated in the northwest part of the map – a landmark just northwest of Sweaty Sands and southwest of the big whirlpool. The Trident that you’re looking for can be found on a rock (Arthur and his sword, anyone?) in the middle of the water in that area – north of a big boat, and southeast of a small island. 

How to Claim the Trident

Claiming the extraordinary Trident is very easy, just hold your Use button or key on it (it might take a bit longer to do it, so be careful to any hostile players who also want the Trident). 

Given that the rock is placed right in the middle of the water, you should be able to spot it as you’re dropping from the Battle Bus. Just land on it and get it before you get killed to finish the challenge. 

The Rewards

Finishing the challenge unlocks Aquaman’s Trident as a new harvesting item option for your collection. Perhaps, most significantly, it’s also one step in unlocking something cooler, the Aquaman skin! You’ll need to complete all five tasks of the challenge to achieve that.

The challenge involving the Aquaman skin is the fifth one. Both the Aquaman skin and the other version (it requires finishing a separate challenge – diving into Gorgeous Gorge while wearing the Aquaman skin) are now unlockable. 



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