Fortnite and the Panther’s Prowl: Where to Visit it

Going to the Panther’s Prowl is one of the eight Season 4 Week 3 tasks in Fortnite, but the location isn’t that easy to find. 

We have reached the third week of Fortnite Season 4, and the Marvel universe is making itself at home on the Battle Island. 

A new week means a brand-new set of challenges and big XP rewards. Panther’s Prowl is the most recent challenge introduced. It represents a massive statue, built to honor the character of Black Panther and actor Chadwick Boseman’s tragic death. 

The impressive statue is made of dark stone with purple, reflecting the character’s color scheme. If you want to find the Panther’s Prowl and honor the actor’s memory, you can do it now, when the challenge is still on. 

Where’s the Predator on the Prowl

Some players might think that a massive statue of a panther is kind of hard to miss. But, finding Panther’s Prowl can be very hard because it’s not marked on the map and not a Point of Interest neither.

If you want to find the statue and complete the task, you should first try to land in the south of the Battle Island. The statue can be spotted west of the Misty Meadows Point of Interest, and a bit east of the Slurpy Swamp. If you land on or around the dam, just head south to find the statue.

A Visit to the King

Even if the Panther’s Prowl statue isn’t marked on the map, it’s still visible. When you get closer, you should look out for a big yellowish circle on the mini-map. And when you get even more closer, you should search for the giant panther statue right in front of you! 

You can’t do many things once there, but there’s a secret that you should indeed look out for. 

A hidden chest is in the statue’s mouth. You can take it only from the highest point of its plinth. Just jump up onto the plinth itself, run up through the legs, and the treasure will be there. 

Completing the Panther’s Prowl challenge brings you a sleek 25,000 XP!

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