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Fortnite Comes with New Surprises for Us at the Game Awards 2019

The Game Awards is here. Its host, Geoff Keighley, promised us a lot of new announcements and reveals, and it seems that some of them are about Fortnite.

Epic Games and Fortnite Battle Royale

The most popular Epic Games’ title has been nominated for many awards this year, such as the best ongoing game or best esports game. The official Twitter account of the game told fans to watch the awards to see if the game will get any. They also said to them that they would be making a special announcement during the show.

Epic Games has not said anything more about it, so we are waiting for the announcements. This is not the first time that the developer of the game has revealed fantastic Fortnite news at the venue. In 2017, at The Game Awards, the studio announced one of the first limited-time modes of the game, and, at last year’s show, The Block was revealed, which is a section of the map which shows content made by users.

Many improvements in Fortnite Battle Royale

The game has gone through some fantastic changes ever since that happened. In September, the game “deleted” itself after Season 10’s big season-ending event. The game was offline for more than a day, and then it was relaunched as Fortnite Chapter 2. They wanted to rebrand the game, so Epic got a new map for us and a lot of new features.

The Game Awards will take place on a Thursday, the 12th of December. But Fornite is not the only big news for us. Sony launched its State of Play of the year on the 10th of December, then Nintendo took the spotlight with its Switch presentation.



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