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Fortnite Could Get a Birds of Prey Crossover Event Before the Launch of Chapter 2 Season 2

We all know that Epic Games is planning to launch Chapter 2 Season 2 of Fortnite on February 20, but could it come with more than just the new Chaos Physics Engine and those new features they teased?

One might argue that the team at Epic has been planning something huge this time, and if we are to take look at a recent leak, we cannot stop wondering if it is connected with a recent Tweet from Fortnite.

The leak shows an image of Steamy Stacks covered in pink and of Slurpy Swamp covered in blue. And who else features these two colors? It seems it’s all coming together, or else our theory has gone too far.

See You Soon Harley,” Says Fortnite on Twitter

But could this leak be connected with Fortnite’s Tweet? Warner Bros. Pictures tweeted a short boomerang video of the Birds of Prey cast, and Fortnite replied “See you soon Harley!” adding a suspicious emoji to the message. Warner Bros. replied and said, “Can’t wait.”

Now that paranoia intensifies and we take one more look at the leaked image, we cannot help but realize the crossover event will feature Birds of Prey. And why not, considering the movie is just around the corner?

Since Birds of Prey will be in cinemas in one-two weeks (depends on the countries), and Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is launched on February 20, we could get the crossover even earlier. Remember Epic teased its players with a limited-time event for the last week before the Chapter 2 Season 2 launch.

If so, we could see a limited-time weapon from the movie, some cosmetics, and challenges themed around the movie.

Epic has not yet announced anything about the Fortnite and Birds of Prey crossover event, so check our Fortnite page here for an update on these details in the future.



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