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Fortnite Food Truck Locations: Visit Food Trucks To Complete Chapter 2 Overtime Challenge

Fortnite players are in for a treat now that the Fortnite Overtime challenges are here in Chapter 2 Season 1. What will you have to do to complete some of these challenges? One of them is to find Food trucks and visit them.

Do that and you will be closer to earning the Purple Remedy Style for the skin you can unlock at Tier 40 on the Battle Pass. Now let’s see where those food trucks are and how you can easily visit them in one game.

Fortnite Food Truck Locations on the Map

The challenge has players visit three food trucks on the map in one game. We chose the best three locations that are close to each other and pinpointed them on the map below.

D2 – North of Pleasant Park

Once you reach Pleasant Park, head north and you will see some camper vans and a food truck parked there. If you remember where the ice throne for Winterfest was, then the food truck is by the road, to the north.

D4 – South of Salty Springs

Go to Salty Springs and you will see an area south of the river where there are also some tables and canopies. That’s where you will find the second food truck.

F5 – North of Lazy Lake

North of Lazy Lake you will see a horizontal road that should take you to the Fork Knife food truck.

G7 – South of Retail Row

Just south of Retail Row, you will find a Snow Cones truck up in the mountains, close to a bench. It’s easy to spot since it is orange!

Just visit the food truck locations present earlier by getting close to them so that they can count towards your progress. By doing so, you will finish the Overtime challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale. Also, check our Fortnite Bus Stop Locations guide.



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