Fortnite Is Now Available To Download From The Google Play Store

Fortnite is one of the most popular games among players nowadays. Even though accessing the game is entirely free, the in-game purchases are quite pricey. This is why the game was thought to bring much revenue from the users.

The store offers products such as skills and cosmetic changes for the characters. In addition to this, fans have impatiently waited for the mobile release of the game, and it has finally arrived.

Android users can now enjoy the Fortnite experience by downloading the game from Google Play Store. The developers seemed to have had a change of heart after the fans have reported that they feel that their security and privacy are at risk when downloading the game from other sources than Google Play. This is why they decided to make this game available for users without any issue regarding security.

Google Play Store listed Fortnite – You can download right now

The officials from Epic have declared that one year and a half of operating Fortnite outside Google Play on Android devices has made them realize that Google puts the downloads outside Google Play Stores at a disadvantage. In addition to this, Google is stating that the third-party software sources are attacking your device.

Therefore, they are trying their utmost to stop users from downloading their content from other sources apart from Google Play Store, such as popping-up restrictions and repetitive security concerns.

Unfortunately, even though the official Fortnite website is a relatively safe platform, Google has decided to introduce a series of security measures to detect any malware. Therefore, users mostly believe that downloading your apps from Google Play Store is the safest decision one can take.

Consequently, if any of these security reasons have determined you not to even think about downloading Fortnite from their official website, you can now forget about those and head for Google Play Store.

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