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Fortnite Map Leak Shows Steamy Stacks and Slurpy Swamp Suffer Changes

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has been announced by the Epic Games team in a blog post, revealing that players will get to see it launched on February 20.

The team was a bit cryptic on the following message:

Chapter 2 – Season 2 will feature … with multiple … We can’t brief you on all of next Season’s secrets just yet…”

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 – Map Leak

A 4chan post may have revealed part of Epic’s big secrets of Chapter 2 Season 2. Let’s check out the strange photos and see if these “leaked” images are real or just fake.

YouTuber iOllek featured the image below in one of his videos, and the photos were also Tweeted by a Fortnite Leaks account. It’s safe to say the photos have caused a massive debate among Fortnite players:

A possible leak of the upcoming Season 2 cinematic + map was posted on 4Chan. The pictures are super blurry, but that’s nothing new when it comes to 4Chan leaks (lol).

In my opinion, the pictures are faked, but there is a chance that they are real.” – source: ShiinaBR – Fortnite Leaks.

What’s so interesting about these photos? As you can see, the map looks a bit different. Steamy Stacks is… steamier and Slurpy Swamp is… slurpier!

The power plant in the northeast part of the map – Steamy Stacks, appears to be covered in a purple smoke cloud. Meanwhile, in the south-west corner of the map, we have the Slurpy Swamp covered in some blue juice from the factory.

The blurry images are supposedly coming from a trailer that should be revealed in the following days. What could make this leak accurate is the fact Epic is known to alter parts of the maps between seasons, so it makes sense they would tweak two important areas like Steamy Stacks or Slurpy Swamps.

We should learn more about this change and see if it is all real in the following weeks, ahead of Chapter 2 – Season 2 launch.



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