Fortnite Receives Counter-Strike’s Dust 2 Map Remake

Counter-Strike is undoubtedly one of the most praised games so far, and lately, it got more attention from Fortnite’s developers. What seemed initially as a concept, it now succeeded to reach developers’ exceptions, being brought in the spotlight. Counter-Strike’s Global Offensive is getting ready to greet Fortnite’s players.

In other words, it appears that a classic game tries to keep up with the most advanced graphics and performance. Or that Fortnite’s developers genuinely believe in reshaping some of the best game contents so far, and turning them into a new experience.

Team Evolve is the one that centers its aims on designing custom features for Fortnite. So, it took a Dust 2 game mode and preparing it for a big lunch on February 15. The famous map Dust 2 was developed almost 20 years ago and was launched once with the first installment of Counter-Strike.

Dust 2 Set to Arrive in Fortnite

Dust 2 will be introduced to Fortnite through the Battle Lab update. Battle Lab let out Fortnite Battle Royale mode to some maps developed in Creative. To enjoy it, you should have a unique code for it – which you would find it through Team Evolve’s Twitter after the map will arrive in the game.

Play a Battle Lab installment with up to 15 other players, or maybe you’ll get a chance to notice it in public matchmaking. A CS: GO sort of experience will be available as players will play Search and Destroy.

Moreover, Team Deathmatch, the Gun Game, and Free-For-All Deathmatch will also be introduced in the game. More significantly, players will encounter the desert eagle pistols while playing. As for the wall-banging, such a feature won’t be available because of Fortnite’s present codes.

The resemblances between the original map and the redesigned one are quite striking. Developers chose, however, not to introduce lots of features due to various reasons, some of the items wouldn’t be relatable today.

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