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Fortnite Released New Emotes for Two Famous Streamers

Fortnite has recently rolled out its latest update fans have ​awaited for some time now. The newest release, Fortnite 11.40 update, is more about skins and emotes, and not about new weapons and similar additions.

Not long ago, a leak about Fortnite ​claimed that the content creator Ninja is getting his own skin and emote. Now, new emotes for other content developers have appeared online.

NBRunreleased, a data miner, has managed to get their hands on two new emotes that they uploaded on Twitter. According to the leaks, the two new emotes are meant for the popular twitch streamers Pokimane and Jordan Fisher.

In addition, Fortnite is allegedly also rewarding players and fans who have been advertising the game for a while now.

The Poki Emote

This particular emote has been designed for the Canadian-Moroccan Fortnite ​content developer Pokimane. The Poki Emote has been based and created from the developer’s TikTok video designed for the Emote Royale contest. Pokimane has more than 3.8 million followers on Twitch and over 90 million views until now. She is one of the most popular and famed Fortnite ​players ever.

The Fishin Emote

The Fishin Emote was designed for the American Twitch streamer Jordan Fisher. The developer has more than 234.7K followers on Twitch and over 1.8 million views until now. Even though there is no official statement from his side regarding the emote, unlike Pokimore, who made an announcement not long ago.

The Bottom Line

Even though there is no news or newer leaks regarding the possibility of new skins, aside from the leak of the two emotes, the skins are also expected to appear soon enough. The report has been received with pleasure by the Fortnite ​player base, and they are also expecting for other famous players to get the chance of receiving their own skin or emote soon.



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