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Fortnite Update 11.10 Available to Download with New Improvements

The latest Fortnite update is now available in the form of the 11.10 patch, as the game is currently down. Read below to learn everything you need to know about the latest batch of content.


The biggest star of the update is the introduction of Fortnitemares. In 2018 Epic added Cube Fiends and the Pumpkin Launcher during the Halloween period, and fresh seasonal content will be available. Players  will get a chance to unlock a selection of nightmarish cosmetic items for a limited time:

Soccer Zombie: Run around the field without breaking a sweat or your bones.

The Storm King Pick Axe: Forged by the Storm King as a symbol of his might.

The Cryptic Curse Bundle: Unlock the spectacular Wrath Outfit and the Time Keeper Back Bling instantly. Earn more loot by completing challenges.

Acquire the Final Reckoning Pack to unlock the Catrina Outfit, Mourning Glory Back Bling, Dolly Back Bling the awesome Blacklight Outfit, and the Indigo Wings Back Bling.

Face the might of the Storm King

Gather your friends and enter the fray as a new LTM will be available. Defeat the Storm King to unlock a special Umbrella.

Gun Fright

Gun Fright is a new game mode created by the community. Join the other players in intense 2vs2 matches and showcase your skill during several rounds.

Battle your fears in the combine

Kevolution Energy decided to bring back The Combine in an attempt to determine which employees should remain. Beware! The Combine has been corrupted by a strange malevolent force, and it may be filled with nightmares. Race to become the top player on the leaderboard.

Create nicknames for your friends

It is easier to form parties when you can find your friends. Assign custom nicknames to the accounts of your friends to find them faster. There is no need to worry about confusion since only you can see the nicknames.

The complete patch notes should be published soon.



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