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Fortnite Will Add New DLC Skin Pack Soon: What Should You Know

Fortnite’s upcoming DLC skin pack just leaked, unveiling three classic skins featuring a look customizable with a unique slider. 

Fortnite players are currently enjoying the battle royale’s ongoing Marvel-themed event. But, alongside the Marvel skins, Epic Games has also been introducing a consistent stream of cosmetics. 

The Samurai Scrapper collection, recently introduced, offers players a sleek set of junkyard samurai gear and many accessories. There’s also a Street Serpent Starter Pack with a masked vigilante with a polearm and nunchucks. 

It seems that Fortnite is ready for another chapter, this time planning a legendary take on some classic skins. Here is what you need to know.

Fortnite’s Next DLC Features and Other Significant Details

A recent leaked set of cosmetics DLC for Fortnite is apparently coming soon. ShookPA, a Reddit user, posted the leak on the social media platform a few days ago, sharing the in-store listing for what’s titled the “Corrupted Legends Pack.”

The Corrupted Legends Pack will come with three outfits, each with a glossy new finish and thematic backpacks. They’re called the Corrupted Shogun, the Corrupted Arachne, and the Corrupted Insight. 

The Arachne, Insight, and Shogun skins are high-quality skins releases from the game’s past. What makes the Corrupted pack different is a distinct texture and color filter that turns the outfits into some sleek stuff. There’s also a slider that will allow us to customize how corrupted the outfit appears. The standard visuals for the skins are all white and black. The corrupted variant turns them into a Tron-like red and black theme. 

The Corrupted Legends Pack’s Price Details

A skin pack with such intriguing features isn’t going to come cheap. No official price tags have yet been announced, but previous DLC packs cost $15 to $20. The upcoming pack might arrive at a price of up to $30 or more. 

No release date has been confirmed for Fortnite’s next DLC skin pack. 



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