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Fortnite’s Sharks: How to Avoid Them

Fortnite’s map has many new stuff and secrets, but there is also the drawback of being attacked by sharks.

The game’s new shark “enemies” are very annoying and can bring us huge disappointment. A Reddit user, however, has discovered a method to get around their frequent attacks. 

Shark attacks can even occur while on land, so avoiding the water won’t help you that much. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you. 

Fight the Sharks

Fortnite added sharks in chapter 2, and they have since been a not so cool thing for our gaming experience. Of course, there are some strategies for dealing with these creatures, but none are very predictable, mainly because sharks can attack extremely fast. Thanks to a Redditor, we now have more options.

The new method involves using a new item introduced recently with the Marvel crossover. More specifically, we will need to find and defeat Dr. Doom and to loot him. He possesses an item, handy for fending off sharks. 

Where is Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom can be found in Doom’s Domain, visible from the Battle Bus. Drop there, and look after the tallest building in the area. 

Defeating Dr. Doom in Fortnite can be challenging, but you’ll get some useful items after you do it. The Arcane Gauntlets, for instance, will help you defeat other players in combat. The Mystical Bomb, however, is the one you need to avoid the sharks. 

The Power of the Mystical Bomb

The Mystical Bomb can be enabled and thrown right in a shark’s way. You must then hit the shark to send it back into the ocean. 

Most weapons and items don’t stop or stagger the sharks in any way, so the Mystical Bomb can be incredibly useful. 

It’s somehow odd that all we needed was a Marvel crossover to defeat the sharks properly. 



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