Free Clash Royale Gems: Best Methods

Nothing beats Clash Royale when it comes to comparing online, multiplayer strategy games.

Players can create their empire and train troops to defeat their in-game rivals. Gathering resources is vital, but upgrading them requires Clash Royale gems.

Many internet pages are full of malicious sites that claim to offer Clash Royale gems generators, cheats, hacks, and other illegal means of acquiring gems. If you haven’t learned by now, they are all scams and do absolutely nothing at all.

The following tips will help you get Clash Royale gems for free, without any sorts of cheats or stuff like that.

However, keep in mind that the following methods require you to spend quite some time to achieve your goal.

Completing In-Game Quests

Quests are different missions in Clash Royale, and, when complete, a quest rewards the player with gems and chests. The amount of gems depends on the quest’s complexity level. As you progress throughout the game, you’ll encounter multiple quests that are referred to as seasonal and daily quests. Spending some extra time in Clash Royale will, therefore, help you earn free gems organically.

Completing Online Surveys

One of the fastest ways to save your cash is to go for online survey websites that feature gaming codes or money in return for finishing surveys, installing apps, playing games, watching videos/ads, or searching the web.

Some of the most known platforms for such activities are Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, and more.

Again, it’s simple but time-consuming.

Free Chests

Another excellent method for obtaining Clash Royale gems for free is opening up chests.

You only have to tap on the ribbon-like icons to receive the achievements. Once you managed to complete all of the intermediary steps, you are eligible to collect free gems. Regular chests respawn after a few hours, and each of them returns 2 to 3 gems. The amount of gems you get this way strongly depends on how much time you spend in-game.

Google Opinion Credits

Google offers surveys like other survey sites in the form of Play Store balance. You can use Play Store balance to purchase gems.

Therefore, you can complete short surveys to get Google Opinion credits and buy whatever you desire, including Clash Royale Gems.

Special Event Challenges

Supercell occasionally organizes special events and participating in such challenges rewards you with free gems as a one-time reward. You have to keep an eye out for such challenges to participate and earn gems without completing any survey.

To sum it up, Clash Royale’s virtual currency can be obtained in legitimate ways. As mentioned, you have to invest your time and effort to receive them, but the result pays off.

However, earning gems “the hard way” teaches players to use gems wisely – You have second thoughts when it comes to spending your precious gems after working so hard to obtain them.

We hope that this article is useful for your quest to get gems!

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