Fresh Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Leaks Detail Features

Samsung has been quite an at work in recent months as a variety of new devices manufactured by the Korean market should hit the market in the following weeks. While privacy has been a focus for the company, major leaks have offered interesting details about many upcoming products.

A series of new leaks are focused in the Galaxy Buds Live, an upcoming pair of in-ear headphones that have been designed as a direct competitor to the popular AirPods Pro, which has been a major hit for Apple.

Leaked by Samsung itself

While most leaks tend to come from shady sources, eagle-eyed internet users have spotted the companion app for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live on the Google Play Store. Known as Galaxy Buds Live Plugin, the app has already received a few reviews from Samsung fans who were amused by the accidental leak.

One of the funny discoveries that have been made by curious users is that the initial name of the headphones was Galaxy Beans, with a line on the listing encouraging the user to grant relevant permissions to the Galaxy Bean Plugin when prompted.

Major features

The main attraction of the new headphones is active noise-canceling, a feature that contributed to the fame of the Apple AirPods. A dedicated section in the companion app offers a toggle that can be used to turn active noise-canceling on and off at will. It is also suggested that the touchpad can be used for the same purpose.

Users will also have the option to disable or enable touch controls or choose what happens when one of the touchpads will be touched.  The headphones will also be able to read notifications (a feature that can also be toggled easily), and Find my Earbuds will help you to find them quickly when lost as they will emit a beep.

It is thought that the accessory will be featured during an upcoming event on August 5.


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