Fruit Ninja 2 Update 1.53.2 Fixes a Major Bug

Owners of modern smartphones can pick between a variety of games that promise great gameplay experiences, but there are a few gems from the past that remain popular even today. Fruit Ninja was one of the first smartphone games that became a global hit, attracting players from all over the world.

The colorful graphics and easy-to-learn but hard-to-master gamemplay ensured its popularity. Halfbrick, the developers behind the original game, has released a new version that takes advantage of newer smartphones but packs many of the elements which have made the original game popular.

Slice and Dice

Sharpen your blades and prepare for a sweet adventure in Fruit Ninja 2 as many fruits will meet their sweet demise. The classic slicing and dicing are here and ready to offer countless hours of entertainment as you aim for the highest possible score while fruits float around the screen.

Showcase your skill against millions of ninjas from all over the world thanks to a robust multiplayer system, which includes an in-depth progression system. Prove that you have he fastest reflexes in the game and conquer the leaderboards as you climber to the top leagues.

Fun and tasty

Master the techniques of slicing and dicing to score impressive combos, major criticals, and beat the time. An assortment of fun mini-games will provide a little variety if you wish to take a break from the main game. New power-ups can offer an edge right when you need them the most, boosting your score and providing other impressive bonuses.

There are lots of ways to customize your experience as you can unlock a large number of interesting characters and taunt packs that can be used during multiplayer matches. Become the ultimate Fruit Ninja Champion and collect legendary blades. There are also exciting events from time to time.

The 1.53.2 update includes a fix for users who did not receive rewards after they completed some events. As always, download the APK file from a secure source.

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