Fruit Ninja 2 Version 1.55.0 Adds New Content To The Game!

Fruit Ninja is by far one of the most iconic Android games of all time. It comes from a time when 4-inch smartphones were the norm, and it made killing free time a breeze.

The second game carried on the legacy of the original one with extra content that made it even more enjoyable!

Fruit Ninja 2 has all the fruit-cutting action that you can dream of!

Fruit Ninja 2 lets you challenge other ninjas from around the globe. Few games come close to the amusement it can offer.

With Fruit Ninja 2, you can work your way up the ranks to become the ultimate Fruit Ninja champion.

Fruit Ninja 2 promises endless fun regardless of the type of player you are – you might have sharp reflexes, great wisdom, or hate fruit just enough to enjoy slicing it with a blade!

However, Fruit Ninja 2 can be very addictive!

The more you play, you progress and unlock powerups.

Also, you can collect legendary blades that help you gain an advantage over opponents.

The various arenas you can unlock make the experience even more enjoyable.

Newest Version

Fruit Ninja 2 reached version 1.55.0.

Here are the official patch notes of the latest version:

“* New translations available – change your language in the Settings menu in-game!

* New 3D Garden!

* Ever wondered what your character sounds like? Wonder no more – all aspects have new audio!

* New voiceover audio for your blitzes in-game!

* Several bug fixes but one in particular for Mayhem mode where arena shrinks

Please note – we are working on improving the available translations and will have these improvements out as soon as possible.”

We admire the developers’ work to make the game even more enjoyable!

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