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Future Animal Crossing: New Horizons Updates Could Be Delayed

Future Animal Crossing: New Horizon updates can actually be delayed because of the new coronavirus outbreak. There are many issues in Japan right now, as it is in the entire world. The situation got worst in a very short time.

This game is a very popular one coming from Nintendo. Just imagine that it has managed to beat Doom Eternal in its first week in the UK charts. According to the director named Aya Kyogoku, the development of the updates are still happening, even if the future is uncertain. “We’re not sure if we have to shift anything, but I think we have to be flexible.”

The employees are still going to work

We should also mention that all of the Nintendo employees are still working in their offices, even if many other companies decided that their employees should work from home. After all, it’s the safest way.

The producer of the game, named Hisashi Nogami, stated that he has thought about the health and the well-being of their employees, and the company took some safety measurements. They have changed the working hours, so that employees can go to their offices, without getting in the middle of the Rush Hour traffic.

Nintendo might postpone future Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates

Nintendo really cares about the workforce and about timing, as we have all seen in the recent reveal of the latest game from the franchise, which has seen the beginning of the development back in 2012, just after they released New Leaf.

They will probably take into account other safety measures, as well, which could have an impact on the future updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Japan has about 1000 cases of COVID-19. However, we hope for the best and try to think of a bright future when it comes to this pandemic.



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