Future MacBook Pro Models Will Loose A Popular Feature

Apple’s decision to replace Intel processors with its own silicon, based on ARM architecture, has been met with mixed reactions from several professionals, and it seems that it will not be the only controversial change taken by the company as another one is being planned.

Boot Camp, one of the most popular features offered by MacBook Pro models, will be retired in the case of future models, which is a major hit for users who prefer to run multiple operating systems on their machines for a variety of reasons

Tightening the chain

While Apple tends to be confident in its decisions,  they aren’t always the best for its customers, a fact that has been observed in the past.  One recent example is related to the Hey email apps, locking users out of the platform because the developers does not wish to pay the 30% App Store tax.

Restrictive App Store rules are far from new as Apple has been imposing interesting requirements since the storefront app was released, and the mandatory use is reinforced by the closed nature of iOS, and the EU Commission is investigating antitrust accusations against Apple.

Cut feature

Apple has already confirmed that it does not plan to make Boot Camp usable or support it in the case of ARM-based models.  According to information shared by an Apple employee during a popular technology-focused podcast, the aim is t encourage MacBook Pro owners to rely on pure virtualization.

It is clear that the change was taken with Apple’s benefit in mind, despite assurances provided by the company that virtualization and hypervisor solutions are superior and the better alternative to the use of Boot Camp. Some have started to speculate that Apple tries too hard to replicate the success formula for the iPhone and iPad in the case of MacBooks.

Only time will tell if the venture will be successful in the long run.

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