Future PS5 DualSense Controller Already Raises Privacy Concerns

The PS5 controller is no longer a secret! Sony has finally exposed the awaited controller, and we are here to give you all the details about it. You thought that the new controller from Sony would be called DualShock 5, right? So did we; however, the company decided to call it DualSense. Nevertheless, this article contains details about the new DualSense controller.

Sony revealed an image showing off its new controller, as well as a few details that we are going to discuss in this article. Among the new features revealed is the fact that the DualSense has a built-in mic. This feature helps players to communicate with each other better without the using a headset. However, this update is not huge, and to some gamers, it doesn’t mean much. But, let’s see exactly what their opinion about this new feature is.

This update is not a major feature, but it did raise some concerns. Fans are questioning their privacy regarding using the built-in mic in the new Sony controller. Although we understand the company’s point of you, everybody enjoys their privacy, so having a mic that is always on doesn’t feel too comfortable to me.

Even if we have the option to turn off the built-in mic, there is still the possibility of someone listening to our conversations, or worse record it and then retain it. Who knows? We do live in a crazy world.

PS5 DualSense Controller And Possible Privacy Issues

Some people also say that developers should be working on making the voice chat turned off by default. That is to ensure the privacy of the players. You don’t want to start playing a game while having a private conversation and then realize that all this time, other gamers were hearing your thoughts without your consent.

“A built-in microphone array is a HUGE privacy concern on the PS5 controller. The responsibility now falls to devs for games to have voice chat off by default, otherwise, a lot of people aren’t going to realize their controller is broadcasting their living room audio,” posted @usebomswisely on Twitter.

The mic that was built in the DualSense controller is sophisticated. It features some advanced filtering technology. The DualSense mic will be able to identify your voice, which will help to block out the background chitchat and noises. This new tech doesn’t sound very concerning; however, it is still an issue for players.

Players fear that the company will have a print of their voice. The whole fear and worrying have to do with Sony’s past. There was a time when the company was not protecting a player’s private information very well. However, all this fear is in vain. We all use other devices with in-built microphones, which means we are already listening to, recorded even, etc.

The point is that this concern is a bit silly considering the other facts. The PS5 DualSense controller will be released very soon. The controller is expected to launch at some point during this holiday season.

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