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Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy S11 Essential Details Revealed: Samsung Holds Secret CES 2020 Meetings, Talks About Its Next Galaxy Flagships

In the past few months, the Samsung Galaxy S series and foldable flagship phones have been leaked, creating a lot of hype and confusion among the public. However, we may finally stop speculating about this year’s smartphones from Samsung with a new leak from a Korean media outlet that reported the company held some secret meetings at CES 2020.

Two of the Flagships Revealed at the Secret Meetings

According to the report, we learn that during these secret meetings, Samsung presented its unannounced devices to telecom partners, revealing the names of two of the smartphones that are to be soon released.

The first confirmation from Samsung Mobile chief DJ Koh is that the Galaxy S11 series will indeed be called Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The second reveal was the name of the new Samsung clamshell foldable smartphone. It seems it will not be called the Galaxy Fold 2. The name will be Galaxy Bloom, and while it’s not known why the company decided to change it, Koh explained they were inspired by Lancome’s makeup compacts. It seems that the foldable phone targets young women since it can fit in small pockets and has the name inspiration from makeup compacts.

Here’s the image from the secret meeting where the Bloom was presented (left):

The Galaxy Bloom is said to come in two variants – 4G and 5G.

Other Specs Coming with the Galaxy S20 Series and the Galaxy Bloom

Aside from the details we mentioned above, both the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Bloom smartphones should come with support for 8K video recording. It appears Google and Samsung are working to make 8K videos mainstream, and YouTube will soon enable 8K video streaming when the products will launch at Samsung Unpacked, on February 11.

This is quite some great news because with Samsung phones being able to support 8K recording, more 8K content would show up on YouTube. As for this super-secret meeting, Samsung is known to have done it in the past at these sorts of events. Adding the fact the information is confirming previous leaks about the renaming of the Galaxy S11 series, we think the report has accurate details about Samsung’s incoming flagship smartphones.



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