Galaxy S11 Was Officially Confirmed By Samsung

Finally, we have some good and official news from Samsung. The Internet is full of leaks and rumors about Samsung Galaxy S11, but now we have the confirmation that the next smartphone that will come from Samsung. The information is coming from China’s application, CCC. The XDA Developers is the one that discovered this information in the app, and the reveals are about the Samsung Galaxy S11.

Official Reveals of Galaxy S11 Straight from the Company

Samsung is also revealing the model number, the fast charging speed, and the headline features of the new Samsung Galaxy S11. The information we have now is about the Galaxy S11+ that will come with a quintuple camera setup on the back. The camera setup will be in a rectangular hump.

What will be impressive at the next Galaxy S line is the primary camera that will come with 108MP and a 5x Optical Zoom. The camera will record 8K videos; will have an ultra-wide-angle, plus the telephoto lenses.

Besides this, a Samsung Insider said that the camera setup would have a beautiful design that we can see on the photo leaks on the Internet. The person is saying that all the cameras will be symmetrical in the hump, with a square 5x optical zoom lens. About the screen, we know that it will be a 120 Hz display. Also, the bezels from the top and bottom will be equal.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Confirmed to Come With 5G Network Support

Finally, the company is confirming that model SM-G9860 is the Galaxy S11, and it will also sport the 5G network. Samsung would not make a mistake not to include the 5G network in the future smartphone that will launch.

The competition will be huge next year, especially with Apple, which is introducing the wide-band support on the 5G. Also, the fast charging for Galaxy S11 is only for 25W, besides the Note 10 Plus that has 45W.

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