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Game of Thrones Winter is Coming: Will You Get Married or Join the Night’s Watch?

Although Ned Stark has been warning us that winter is coming, now it is the season of weddings in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming. The browser game published by R2Games has been updated with a new feature, where players can choose whether they want to get married or stay single. Of course, each decision will count and reward you with unique in-game features.

Let’s check out the new content in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming.

Everything You Need to Know About The Wedding Feature

No matter how tumultuous Westeros is, there’s always time for celebration. Unlike terrible weddings from the Game of Thrones series, yours will be without a tragic ending like the one in The Red Wedding.

Your wedding in the tradition of the Faith of the Sevens will consist of various customs and vows. It is your decision how you want the whole wedding to take place, so let’s see what are your choices.

Whatever wedding you select, you’ll receive a pack containing a True Love Ring, a Wedding Carriage, fireworks, doves, a feast, and a venue. It all depends on how many resources you have to spend on your wedding. Will it be an ordinary wedding, or a luxurious wedding just like the one between King Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell?

Although a full wedding ceremony in the Faith of the Seven takes a lot longer, the nuptials in the game will end pretty fast. After you chose a wedding pack, you will have to stay 30 minutes in the game to carry on with the wedding. If you want to upgrade to a bigger wedding, you can still pay the difference after choosing the pack.

As soon as you have selected the pack, you can invite your future spouse to the wedding and propose to them. You can only propose to an unmarried friend and you have to be in the Main City for the event to carry on. Then, there’s the wedding march, for which you will need the Wedding Carriage.

You’ll go to the Ceremonial Sept to get the blessing of the gods and continue your wedding. In Game of Thrones, the septon unites the couple with a ribbon and announces that the two souls have been bonded together as one for eternity. This is why after the wedding, players will receive special bonuses in the game.

You can select out of three Ceremonial Septs and if there’s another wedding in that Sept, you must wait before marching towards the building. As soon as you start the Wedding March, you cannot cancel or interrupt it.

The wedding ceremony will include a feast and you can invite all your friends to the celebration. During the event, you can chat with the guests through a special channel and you can give gifts to celebrate together the special moment. The guests also get to set off the fireworks.

Important In-Game Wedding Features to Know About

Some of the most important features you receive after getting Married status are the following bonuses.

  • Love Relocation: You can send your partner a relocation invitation, and they can move a city close to your city’s border.
  • Love Protection: You can activate a Truce for a few hours for your partner’s city.
  • Love Reinforcement: The speed of the reinforcements sent to your partner is increased.
  • Love Transport: The speed of the resources sent to your partner is increased.
  • Of One Mind: Activating a Truce for a few minutes for your city will also activate the Truce for your partner’s city.
  • Battle Together: When you initiate a rally and your partner joins you, your total health will be increased.

Single Guys? Don’t Worry! You Can Become One Of The Night Watch Brothers

If you have decided to remain single forever, you can activate the Single status and become one of the Night’s Watch brothers. You will obtain a Single Signet Ring equipment that offers you an increase of 15% defense. In the current game version, once you decided to stay single, you cannot switch to having a wedding.

So far, it looks like getting married is a much better choice than staying single, but we cannot stop wondering what else the Single status will bring in the future. Maybe we’ll see some content related to John Snow’s abilities.

Since you cannot yet change from being Single to Married in Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, we’d go for the married status to get all those extra bonuses.



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