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Games for Sony’s next console might come on cartridge

Reports say that Sony might be working on developing a game cartridge that will work with the PlayStation 5.

Source of the rumor

The PlayStation5 is one of the most awaited consoles of the century, so everybody who’s interested in it is eager to find more details about it. Recently, a design from a series of patents of the Japanese electronics company hints towards a game cartridge.

However, the cartridge is categorized as Class 14.99 and it is categorized as “Miscellaneous”. For the Japanese market, the official classification is “Electronic game accessories”.

Inventor of the design

The man behind the project is Yujin Morisawa, who is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s senior art director. He is responsible with all the accessories and products that are affiliated with PlayStation or Sony Interactive Entertainment, and this furthermore fuels the rumor that the game cartridge is indeed meant for the PS5.

Renders of the potential game cartridge already appeared online.

Reasons behind moving to cartridge

There are plenty of reasons why Sony might chose to migrate to a game cartridge (and therefore ditch the BluRay technology that they used for more than a decade).

First of all, the cartridge will have to be capable of storing great amounts of data, because video games are getting bigger and bigger as time passes, and at some point, the typical BluRay disc simply won’t be able to store an entire game on a single disc.Therefore, they need more space, and the next affordable solution is a HDD drive, which features good bitrates and is now cheaper than ever. However, Sony might look for a more modern approach and develop a low-cost SSD drive, which is far more desirable than the  traditional HDD. 

Only time will tell if the rumor actually turns out to be true, but chances are that it most likely will because of the aforementioned reasons. 



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