Garena Free Fire Tips – How To Play The New ‘Bomb Squad Mode’

Recently, the Garena Free Fire OB20 has been released, and it came with a lot of features and a brand new character called Steffie, a new Kalahari Map, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Free Fire has opened its servers for a new mode called the Bomb Squad Mode. Players will be able to play it, starting with the 1st of March. The servers will remain open until the 31st of March.

All about the new ‘Bomb Squad Mode’ in Garena Free Fire

In the Bomb Squad mode, two teams will be spawning on the map. When the game starts, one of the teams will need to attack, and the other team will need to defend. The attacking team will need to put a bomb, and the defending team will need to stop them in time.

There will be seven rounds in a game, and the team who wins more rounds will also win the game. The gameplay reminds us of CS: GO, with the terrorists and the counter-terrorists.

How to play the new Free Fire ‘Bomb Squad Mode’

When the game starts, you will be put in the Offense or the Defense Team. You will need to choose the equipment that you will use in each round. If you’re part of the Offense team, then you will need to search for the Bomb Site and put the bomb there.

After you planted it, it will explode after 60 seconds. If you are part of the Defense Team, you will need to kill the players from the other team before they put the bomb or defuse it before it explodes. Make sure you win as many rounds of those seven as you can to win the game.

That being said, enjoy the new ‘Bomb Squad Mode’ launched via the latest Garena Free Fire update.

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