Garena Free Fire Update To Bring New Characters, Game Modes, And Much More

The update of Garena Free Fire will bring new emotes, modes, characters, and much more. Even though fans are eagerly waiting for the upgrade, the company has not announced a precise release date yet.

Future Free Fire Update Will Bring New Characters

Kapella is a new character that is being added to the game. Some of her features are increasing the power of healing items and diminishing HP loss. She is a pop star who has at the beginning of the first level power of healing of 10%. At the maximum level, her skills increase by up to 20%.

The next new character added to the game is Ottero, a pet with the power to recover the EP and HP. During the first level, his recovery power hits a percentage of 35%. When reaching the maximum level, his skills increase to 100%.

New Game Modes In Garena Free Fire

As far as the new modes introduced are concerned, the company is presenting the Kill Secured Mode. It is a multiplayer mode, which finds two random teams spawned on the same map. The players are in the game for 10 minutes, during which, if they get killed, they can respawn in 10 seconds. The winner is the player that manages first to complete 80 kills.

Other Features In The Upcoming Update

The Freelook feature allows players to look at the map before starting the game. This option can be adjusted from the sensitivity settings to meet the gamers’ needs. Another upgrade is the possibility of increasing the Auto Pickup Speed. Players can change it from Default to Fast from the Auto Pickup section in the settings menu.

New Emotes that are brought to the game has several different tag lines. The game is available at the moment only for Android users. In April, the Garena Free Fire server will be closed, and players will be able to get diamonds from reporting the bugs in the system.

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