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GBWhatsApp Best Features: Why Should You Use the App

GBWhatsApp offers a lot of features and privacy options. The app is being regularly updated so that you can have a great experience.

GBWhatsApp is an improved and customized mod of the original WhatsApp. It is based on the WhatsApp Plus mod, which was discontinued by the developers when they streamlined WhatsApp. Here are some of the best features of the app. 

1. More Privacy Settings

Probably the most praised GBWhatsApp features are the ones that let you hide various types of information on your WhatsApp account activity. With GBWhatsApp, you can hide whether you viewed someone’s status, the second tick that shows that a message was sent, blue ticks that show if you’ve read a message, and the status that shows that you’re typing a message. 

Besides that, GBWhatsApp can also hide chats or lock them. You can choose a passcode so that no one can open it. 

2. Better Messaging Experience

Another significant feature of GBWhatsApp is the amount of control it gives you. For instance, the app features a wide variety of custom themes for the appearance of the app. You can change the color of the icon and the notification icon, as well. GBWhatsApp allows you to create your custom theme instead of utilizing the preset ones, and share it with others. 

You can also get an alert if one of your friends has changed their profile picture or if they’re online. Such a feature it’s convenient because you won’t have to check the app anymore tp see if they’re online. 

3. Write and Share More With GBWhatsApp

Most of us find it annoying when an app doesn’t allow us to explore or enjoy more options. Using GBWhatsApp, you can not only send more, but you can write more, too. 

GBWhatsApp allows you to send a broadcast message to 600 people at once or send 90 images with only one click. Also, you can choose to write a status of 255 characters, more than the official WhatsApp. 



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