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George RR Martin’s ‘The Winds of Winter’ Might Be Delayed Due To COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is not something to mess around with, that’s for sure. With over 1.5 million infected people worldwide, it’s a ‘must’ to reduce many activities so that the risk of infection will be significantly reduced. While the danger is becoming more and more prevalent, the book of George RR Martin called ‘The Winds of Winter’ can also have a postponed release date.

However, the fantasy author didn’t reveal a release date for his upcoming book, which is surprising considering that the Game of Thrones show has ended.

‘The Winds of Winter’ by George RR Martin might be delayed

Several reports are mentioning that George RR Martin will delay the release date for his The Winds of Winter book over the fear of the new coronavirus pandemic. However, the author suggested at the end of March that he will increase the writing pace of his books, and this should mean that a release date will be announced in the near future.

The situation is overall pretty confusing, indeed. We should believe the author himself rather than the reports, but he didn’t mention that he’s also working on the ‘The Winds of Winter’ book. However, we can bet that the book is still under his plans considering that many fans are waiting for it breathlessly. But if he is indeed working on the book, there’s still a chance that he’ll release it at a farther date than expected.

George RR Martin has gone into self-isolation so he can protect himself against the ongoing global disease, and this should normally mean that he’ll have extra time to finish his work at the upcoming book. Only time will tell when he’ll share news about a further release date for ‘The Winds of Winter’, but we can cling to hope that it will happen in the near future.



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