Get Fortnite’s Ghost Rider Skin Now: Here’s How

Fortnite welcomes Ghost Rider as the newest Marvel crossover event skin and gives us a chance to earn it early for free.

Marvel is still all over Fortnite’s map, and so far we got to see and enjoy the best content. The latest appearance include Ghost Rider and quite the challenge!

To get Fortnite’s Ghost Rider skin, you must enter and win the Ghost Rider cup before it’s not too late.

Here is what you need to know.

Cup Rules

You can get the Ghost Rider skin early only by joining and winning (of course) the Ghost Rider Cup. But as easy as it might sound, things can get pretty tough.

The special event is designed in Marvel’s Knockout mode. Every team will have the same Fortnite superhero powers from Season 4. Also, every match comprises four rounds. Teams will have to compete to defeat other players and eliminate them from the competition. 

Moreover, the Ghost Rider Cup will take place in tournament-style brackets. Such a thing means that team members will need to see if they’re allowed to join.

All the players must have at least a level 30 account and the two-factor authentication set up on their accounts. 

The event ends on November 4, so hurry up!

Get For Free the Ghost Rider Skin

The Ghost Rider Cup is an online tournament, meaning that you must have a team that you know and communicate very well. Skill will definitely decide a big amount of how matches in the Knockout mode play out, but there’s still the element of hero powers that you need to be cautious of. 

Luckily, it’s not impossible to get the skin for free. You only need to place in a particular position. For instance, in North America, reaching anywhere from 1st to 200th place will bring the whole squad the Ghost Rider skin.

In NA East, players can rank 1st to 500th, and in the NA West, players must rank in the top 200th to get the skin. 


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