Ghost of Tsushima Challenge: How to Win the Duel With Khotun Khan

Ghost of Tsushima’s plot ends with an epic battle against the terrifying Khotun Khan, but defeating the Mongol leader is actually easier said than done. 

Ghost of Tsushima puts us at odds with Khotun Khan even from the beginning. Firsthand, we see that this man is ready to do anything to overcome Tsushima and mainland Japan as soon as he dishonorably sets flame to Harunobu Adachi during the first invasion. Some spoilers are approaching, so if you haven’t made it to the “Eternal Blue Sky” big quest, you might want to turn back now.

After Jin’s disappointing defeat at Khotun Khan’s hands during the prologues, it is no surprise that a duel with the Mongol leader is waiting at the end of the game. But, fear not, because you’re about to find how you can defeat him. Here is what you need to know. 

How to Win the Duel With Khotun Khan

Even if Khotun Khan is challenging, understanding his moves and knowing which of Jin’s methods work best against him, can make the task much easier. You’ll also have a better time if you’re done many sidequests and unlocked most of the mythic tales methods. 

Unfortunately, all of Khotun’s moves are unblockable except for one string of light, the horizontal attacks. With the unyielding parry move, some of the other attacks will be parryable, but you might still want to resort to dodging as it is sometimes safer. 

Khotun also has two main combat techniques in the game’s penultimate confrontation, each with a distinct move set. When his glaive is by his side, for instance, he will either attack with three spinning sweeps, a downward slam, or the light attacks. The dodge roll should make avoiding at least two of those techniques easy enough so that you can see them coming. The light attacks can be parried to make an opening. 

Furthermore, if the Mongol leader switches his grip so that he is instead holding the glaive with only one hand, he is getting ready to release a swift series of unblockable moves. Getting the timing for dodging these right can be almost impossible, so this where the unyielding parry comes in handy. It is also hard to attack Khan when he is in this phase, so try to avoid his attacks until he returns to his initial stage. Try to put the hurt on when he’s vulnerable. 

That said, you should understand that the duel can be difficult even for those pro Ghost of Tsushimaplayers. However, as long as you’re focused, learn Khotun’s moves, and improving yours, you can defeat him. 

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