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God of War 5 Could Launch Along With PlayStation 5

Many PlayStation fans were shocked when Sony Santa Monica announced that it would reboot one of the most iconic franchises. Gamers expect God of War 5 to launch along with PlayStation 5.

God of War 4 took the world by storm, offering new mythology, fresh mechanics, and the same joy of murdering gods stylishly. The first God of War game was launched for the PS2 and was a quick hit among players who appreciated the fast-paced combat and the tragic story of the protagonist. Since the reboot was successful, it is not surprising that a sequel is in development. Read below to learn more about the possible features that could be offered by the upcoming title.

What to expect from God of War 5 on PlayStation 5

Continuing the story

The last God of War title offered an exciting look at alternative Nordic mythology, and the next game will continue the storyline. New players don’t have to play the original trilogy if they don’t wish to since the new potential trilogy was designed as a fresh experience.

During the ending of the reboot, it is inferred that Kratos has angered Freya, and a Ragnarok-like odyssey will start as most of the Norse gods could be vanquished by Kratos.

More significant, more intense fighting sequences

While God of War 4 did not follow most of the classic tropes of open-world titles, it did offer more flexibility. Bigger fights might make an appearance, including an epic Clash between Kratos and Thor or Odin, two of the most iconic gods of the Greek pantheon. The length of the story mode will be increased to offer the chance to explore more events without the feel of a rush.

God of War 5 release date

The title is a possibility since it would allow Sony Santa Monica to explore major story arches and other aspects without the need to worry about impending deadlines. It is thought that the God of War 5 will be available as a launch title for the PlayStation 5.



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