God Of War Sequel — Details On the Game’s Plot Revealed

Which is the best series of games in history? It is none other than the God of War series! If you are a PlayStation lover, there is no way you have not tried playing God of War. This is an outstanding game, and on top of that, it has the most remarkable series of all time. However, the downside of this game is its platform. The only platform that you can play God of War is on the PlayStation consoles.

There were times when the game has made an excellent impression on the last two generations. What makes God of War a legend is that every set of its series had a powerful plot.

Let’s talk a bit more about this game’s story. Kratos is the main character of the God of War. He fought and won many battles against various gods and took the crown of God Of War from Ares.
What happens in the recent game of God of War? Kratos fights with the son of Odin, Greek God Baldur, and Atreus, his son, makes a few appearances in the game to help him out throughout the journey.

More about the God of War Sequel

The ending, as Kratos Defeated Baldur, is raising red flags for everyone. Kratos finds traces of her wife and then his taking some time off to rest; however, Thor visits him out of nowhere, standing outside his hut.

What will Thor do next? Declare war with Kratos as revenge for his brother’s death or not? Something is definitely about to happen, but we just don’t know what exactly. Could the Greek God Baldur be on the same team as Thor? Are they pairing up to fight Kratos?

If they will, this means a double problem for the God of War’s main character. However, fighting two Norse sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? We don’t know exactly what the plot for the next game is about as no official confirmation has been released, but there are a few pieces of information that give us some hints.

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