Google Adds Safety Check For Pixel Smartphones


Google announced the upcoming batch of new software features for the Pixel smartphones. 

After introducing the car-crash detection back in 2019, the company is extending upon its safety functionalities with a new “safety check” option. Here are the latest details.

Safety Check and Other New Features

The newest “safety check” tool is developed to make sure you’re okay if you’re out somewhere alone. So, when you activate the feature, you have to set a time when you want it to check-in. And when that time comes, the safety check tool pop-ups and asks how you are you feeling. 

You can choose to dismiss the prompt, say you’re okay, and begin sharing your location with emergency contacts right away, or dial 911 if you feel unsafe or injured. If you don’t reply within a minute, a safety check will automatically notify your emergency contacts and offer details about your location on Google Maps. But, there’s no option for it to call 911 automatically. 

Also, even with the slightest possibility of accidental emergency texts to friends, the safety check tool seems like an extremely useful safety measure. There’s no such thing yet built into iOS, for instance, and it’s a continuation of Google extending further into personal safety after launching car-crash detection. And now such features are coming to older Pixel variants, too. 

Another new feature is a bedtime mode, added to the clock app. Google wrote in its blog post: “Fall asleep to calming sounds and limit interruptions while you sleep.” And if you sometimes rely on Google’s Recorder app, Google has your back. Now you can record using Google Assistant and get the transcripts of your recordings in Google Docs automatically. 

Finally, Google has enhanced the adaptive battery on Pixel 2 and newer smartphones. The functionality can predict when your battery will run out and further diminish background activity. 

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