Google Announces New Features For The Google Pixel Devices

Google has been hard at work on the Pixel 5, but the company did not forget about the other Pixel smartphones that are already on the market. In December 2019, a feature drops campaign was announced, involving the release of new features for Pixel devices every three months. The first drop introduced new camera tools and automatic call screening.

Several features were added when the first two drops took place, and it seems that health and safety will be the focus of the upcoming drop.

New bedtime functions

A regular sleep schedule is an essential part of staying healthy as the body needs rest after a day of work. New bedtime features that can be found in the clock section will offer users the opportunity to enhance their sleep schedule. Users will have the optio to limit screen time, play calming music, which helps them to fall asleep and create a customized alarm that will wake them up.

Custom bedtimes can be created, and the feature will let users how much time they spend on apps if they continue to use their device after past the bedtime.

The Personal Safety App arrives on all Pixel devices

The Personal Safety app has been quite popular among users of Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 devices, and Google has decided to release it across all Pixel devices. A batch of new features will be added to improve the safety of the users.

One of them is the ability to schedule a check-in. It can be handy when users are going on a run or in a remote area alone, as it will verify that they have reached their target without problems. If a user fails to respond to the check-in in time, the app will notify emergency contacts. In the case of an emergency the app will notify all the emergency contacts which have been saved and share the location of the device in real-time.

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