Google App Update 11.22.14 Brings New Bug Fixes

Smartphones have been a great boon for many users, as they offer quick and easy access to a large variety of features and functions.  While some prefer to search a query with the help of the internet browsing app, others rely on the excellent Google App.

The Google App is available on many smartphones powered by Android and can be recognized quite easily as it offers a search window located on the main screen of the device, which can be used to enter a query and find answers in seconds.

Fast and reliable

Use the app to find a large variety of interesting information, including the location of nearby restaurants and shops, live score results for many sports, information about movies, videos, and much more. Anything that can be found via a classic Google search will be displayed by the app.

If you need more information, you can type on any of the results to open a direct link in your favorite internet browsing app. There is also the option to enter the query by using your voice if you have a longer question or don’t want to type it out.

Personalized for you

The app relies on smart algorithms to observe your user habits and offer personalized results according to your wishes. For example, you may opt to receive the latest news updates about a topic of interest, including science, technology, and much more.

It is easy to stay in touch with the latest trends and while also being informed at the same time. Read the latest news about sports, movies and events, while also checking the weather and learning more about your favorite hobbies. Topics of interest can be followed easily straight from search results. The app will also show results even when the connection is poor, thanks to loading optimizations.

The 11.22.14 update comes with new bug fixes.


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