Google Assistant’s interpreter mode is available starting today

Travelling is great. It helps us relax, enrich our culture, meet new people and expand overall general knowledge. However, this all came at a cost (and we’re not talking particularly about the actual financial cost): the language barrier. It’s tough to express yourself and communicate with a stranger without speaking their native language (or speak a language of international communication – in the happy case that the person who you are trying to talk to speaks one).

However, this might soon become an issue of the past thanks to Google, who has previously tried to implement software (and hardware) that helps improve communication between foreigners (Google Glass is a very good example).

The new solution from Google

Google’s new feature, Interpreter mode, allows Google Assistant to translate conversations in real time and it is massively available starting today. According to Google, it will work with 44 languages and it can be summoned with commands like “Hey Google, help me speak Chinese” or “Hey Google, be my French translator.”

Previously, Interpreter mode was only available on Google Home smart speakers and displays, but now it will start rolling out inside the designated app on Android and iOS devices.

Once the interpreter mode is toggled on, the Google Assistant will translate the user’s speech and then read it out loud. On phone screens, the Assistant can generate smart replies which can accelerate the pace of the conversation by letting users respond without having to actually speak.

 Of course, many updates will refine the effectiveness of the app over time and make it (hopefully) the ultimate go-to translator for foreigners on the go!

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