Google Assitant Tests Voice Authorization for Payments

Google has been hard at work on the features of its popular Google Assitant. The advanced AI is already able to understand a large number of requests and perform complete tasks.

Several devices offer support for the Google Assistant, including many new smartphone models, Google’s range of Home and Nest smart speakers, and others.

In select countries, users have the option to ask Google Assitant to purchase certain items, which are delivered to their door. When a purchase of this type is made, the Assistant will input all the details automatically, and a security prompt will appear on your Android smartphone, as you have to confirm the purchase and payment option.

Smarter Voice Match

Voice Match is a Google Assistant feature that allows the AI assistant to tell the difference between several users and deliver personalized responses. This is quite handy when there are several users in a household, and they have different preferences or user habits.

Eagle-eye users have spotted a new option in the Payments section of the Google Assistant settings, which offers the ability to confirm a purchase by using Voice Match.

According to a report offered by a popular technology news outlet, the new payment confirmation option can also be used to confirm purchases from the Play Store, including in-app upgrades and.

Still in development

Since the future is still in development, some types of payments aren’t supported at this point, for example, the one made with Google Shopping. When the feature is enabled, the user will be guided and learn that Voice Match can be used to confirm payments across all the devices which are compatible and connected to their Google Account.

While the features can be quite handy, Google underlines that a similar voice a recording may be used to confirm purchases. Google may release more information about the feature in the following weeks.

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