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Google Chrome 81: When Is the Release Date?

Last week, Google released the beta version of Chrome 81 for Chrome OS, Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS. The latest update for Chrome is not really something you must get right now, but it does have some new APIs that will give developers the chance to come up with new exciting features.

First of all, Chrome 81 comes with support for augmented reality on the web. The Google functionality has been added to Chrome piece by piece in the past few months. It also includes a new Hit Test API, which makes it easier to find objects in real-world environments.

According to Android Police, the Hit Test API, which makes it easier to find objects in real-world environments, does it with the help of the camera of the device, which stays in place as you move it. Chrome for Android users the Google Play Services for AR in order to power up WebXR, which means that this works as good as any other augmented reality Android application from out there.

There are also NFC tags

There is also a Web NFC framework, which will allow apps to get NFC tags. This is a new way to use cases to the web, like getting info about museum exhibits or offering info in a conference badge, and that is just the tip of the iceberg with this feature.

So when is the release date?

Right now, we have no definite date for the release of Chrome 81. We have heard that it will also come with new security features. However, we have even heard that Google will come up with a polished version the next month, so right now, we are waiting.



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