Google Chrome 85 Beta For Android Help You Find “Fast Pages”

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Google Chrome plans to make it easier for users to find fast-loading pages. 

When a tab doesn’t load, you wonder if there’s something wrong with the webpage or if your connection is too low. Google is aware of this issue and has developed a tool to help us find fast-loading webpages. 

The update is available now in the Chrome 85 beta for Android. The “Fast page” feature will be applied to sites that usually give us the speedy load times that create “fantastic experiences.” Here is what you need to know.

Fast-loading Pages Only: What to Expect

The new feature available in the Chrome 85 beta for Android offers you the chance to give up on sites that don’t come with a “Fast page flag,” and look elsewhere. But since such functionalities aren’t always something we need to know, the Fast page flag isn’t best placed. It’s actually hidden in the link context menu on Android, found by just holding down on a link. 

The feature can also be found only in Google Chrome Beta 85 on Android. We hope to see it available for desktop and iOS devices in the near feature. 

How the Fast Page Feature Work

Google assigns the Fast page tag label by measuring the stability of content on-page, the site against its Core Web Vitals metrics, and responsiveness. Each of these has a threshold that must be reached to get a passing score. 

If a webpage has historically reached those thresholds, the Fast page feature is granted to the URL in the link you’re golding down on. And, if there isn’t enough data, sites will be measured on something called a “host-by-host” basis. 

Download the Chrome Beta on your Android device from Google Play. You can enable the Fast page feature by opening chrome://flags, search for “Context menu performance info and remote hint fetching,” and Enable that option. 

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