Google Chrome To Improve Image Search With A New Feature

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers around the world. However, lately, it looks like more and more people are going for the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.

We want to inform you of a feature that Google will bring to its Chrome browser that will make you want to ditch the Edge Chromium browser. Google intends to implement a new feature that will make the image search better on the Chrome browser.

About the new Google Chrome image search feature

It means that from the moment this feature is available, you can copy a photo from the library on your device and search it in the address bar. This will be a similar feature to the text search feature that Google has already implemented.

In short, the new feature works like this:

  • Right-click on the specific image
  • Select “Search Google for image”
  • Your PC will do the search (by uploading the image)

The next step Google wants to take is to bring this new feature to Chrome’s Omnibox. Here’s how it will work: “[Omnibox] Adding clipboard image suggestion for Omnibox. Omnibox suggestions can have image data, then later can post image data to do an image search. Omnibox clipboard image search suggestions: Enables image search suggestions in the Omnibox.”

Please do note that the Shared Clipboard and Raw Clipboard Access features are just in the development phase. Google developers are working on these new features that will allow users to send text or images to other devices.

At the moment, Google hasn’t made any statement regarding the Shared Clipboard feature. This means that we don’t know for sure whether this feature will be part of the Chrome browser. The point is that Google Chrome’s new feature will make the browser once again be favorited by people besides the Edge Chromium browser.

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