Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge: Best Features, Performance, and More

Microsoft is now rolling out its Edge web browser to all Windows 10 users in the most recent update. So, Edge will now be the default browser for all Windows 10 users. 

Compared to the previous version of Microsoft Edge, which was a real mess, there’s no competition. But what about when compared with its well-known rival, Google Chrome? Is the newest Edge the real deal? Here is what you need to know.

Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: What Should You Choose

Google Chrome managed to top Microsoft Edge with a score of 85 compared to 83.5 on But, Microsoft Edge beat Chrome with a score of 1,478 compared with 1,420, on another popular browser benchmarking system, So, what’s there left to believe? If the performance differences are minimal, why should you switch from Chrome to Edge?

Unlike the most praised Chrome, Edge is much kinder with your system. Chrome is a lightning-fast, extremely steady browser that is supported by all online web apps and websites. But, there’s a thing we can’t ignore. Chrome is a thief when it comes to RAM and battery life. 

Utilizing Chrome on a notebook, for instance, will sometimes result in your device getting hotter and hotter, annoying you very much. Edge, on the other hand, tries to be more gentle. But Edge’s benefits aren’t only limited to saving battery and avoiding overheating situations.

The browser boasts better in-built privacy options, with three levels of control over tracking, such as Basic, Strict, and Balanced. You’ll notice Edge will be set to Balanced by default and can block anything potentially harmful and any trackers from webpages you’ve never accessed following your online activity. If you want a tighter control, then you can give the Strict option a try. Google Chrome can provide the same experience, but using a few extensions. Having it built-in and activated by default is the best option here, so another point goes to Edge. 

As for extensions, all the add-ons developed to run on Chrome, work excellent with the new Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has built-in a useful set-up process that imports your bookmarks or favorites, addresses, payment details, open tabs, passwords, add-ons, extensions, and more. You don’t have to stress anymore about any of these things. Neat!

Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Final Words

With a bunch of new features planned for Edge in the following months, including a smart way of managing your tabs, there’s never been a better time than now to try Microsoft Edge. It can help you a lot with your battery or performance on your device, so you can spend more time surfing the Internet. 

From better privacy controls, a sleek dark mode, to a simple one-click import process to obtain any favorites, bookmarks, or passwords, Microsoft Edge it’s well worth making the switch. 

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